about me

I’m Fr. Marty John Miller, a Catholic priest of Opus Dei, trying to help people discover God in their ordinary lives. I was born and baptized in 1965, and patiently raised in the iconic river-town of Oregon, Illinois, where I learned about life and death, work and fun, love and sin, and, most importantly, God and His Mercy. I surprisingly met Opus Dei in 1985 while an undergraduate at Illinois State University. After a lot of philosophy and theology, I was ordained in 2002, at Torreciudad, a beautiful Marian shrine church near the birth place of Saint Josemaria. After some time in legendary Chicago, I now live in mythical Pittsburgh. From there I often trek eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania, ministering the sacraments, preaching the Word and giving spiritual guidance. If you’re in this area and would like to go to confession, check out Open Confessional for some opportunities. If you’re really bored, you can listen to my spiritual-garage music on the album Midwestern Holiday and connect with me on Facebook , Twitter or LinkedIn. You can email me at: martyjohn@letsrepent.org

But enough about me… Saint Josemaria liked to say, “We are all sheep and shepherds!” So get going, and use whatever gifts God gave you to serve Him and the others around you. Start with doing the things you like to do. Friends and I like to play music whenever we can. For a little more about that, please check out the Steel Farmers. God bless!