About temperance!

Sharif and Dr. Majeres

PDF of Fr. Andrew Moss’s Ad charisma tuendum and Opus Dei!

Diocesan priests retreat opportunities!

The PDF brochure below lists the places and dates of upcoming diocesan priest silent retreats sponsored by Opus Dei in the USA this season. Not a priest yourself? Feel free to pass it along to any priest you think might benefit (you’ll benefit as well)!

Here’ s a PDF of Fr. Andrew’s article that can be easily downloaded below. Many people have found it interesting! It is also embedded in as a post on the homepage.

Very helpful Optimal Work team presentation on how to evaluate cravings so as to grow in self-mastery and generosity. Please don’t give up this blog site!

4 Temperaments Self-Test!

The link below will get you to an open-source a simple survey to see which of the classic Four Temperaments describe your personality. It’s fun and interesting, though I think most people are a balance of the four types…. (click on this link) Open Psychometrics Test

Open Confessional site!

Open Confessional is a website that helps people find a place and a priest (usually associated with Opus Dei) for the sacrament of confession. It is still in its early days, so there is only one geographic area at the moment, namely western Pennsylvania and part of Ohio. We hope little by little more places can be added this popular site. Of course, there are many other wonderful opportunities Catholics have to receive the sacrament of confession. Websites of parishes with confession hours has been a great help for the faithful today. Please don’t hesitate to look up possibilities you might have for receiving soon this great sacrament of God’s mercy!