True Confessions: a short history of the sacrament of reconciliation in the Church

absolution2Not to long ago, I gave a brief presentation on the sacrament of confession to young adults of the Akron, Ohio, Theology on Tap group. We looked at how the Catholic Church has practiced the sacrament of reconciliation since the earliest days of its history. While the early Church focused on the reconciling sinners in a more public way (ie, through public penance) yet personal confession was also practiced. In the Middle Ages, and in a big way, through the monastic communities, the practice of personal confession to a priest became the norm, and is the current practice today. May we all approach God’s divine mercy during the upcoming season of Lent, and help one another get to the sacrament of confession as a proper preparation for Easter. Here is the PDF version of the collection of notes used in my  presentation: TrueConfessionNotes

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