A change of direction

As I approach my 20th anniversary of priesthood this year, I find myself reflecting a lot about a lot of things. How are things going? How could things be going better? What is the real task(s) to be involved with? In some ways, I’m not sure I have to answers to questions like these, but these kinds of questions do help me focus on what (or actually “who”) is most important for me to deal with. I’ve enjoyed very much writing for the sheeptrick.org site, and it’s been a good run, but I thought it might be time to switch focus a bit to look at the reality of the need and action of conversion in the world today, beginning with ourselves. I discovered this change of focus required a change of name for the site and topics. These are momentous moments, and we need to look at some of the most important issues of human existence. All of us need constant conversion, and so it’s a subject that needs to be discussed and reflected upon. Conversion comes from the Greek word, metanoia, which basically means we are going in one direction, and then turn completely around to go in the opposite one. This said, am I really converted to a new way of life in the LORD with my whole heart and soul? Of course it’s hard for each of us to evaluate. Perhaps some of the subjects treated in this new and improved (converted?) site will be food for thought for you and others. I will try to keep the posts brief, timely, and to the point…and fun, too, why not? Who said conversion through repentance cannot be fun at times? Repentance is, after all, supposed to lead to true happiness…in the next life fully as well as in a limited way in this life as well. I hope you have some fun reflecting on upcoming themes offered freely here, and may your repentance always be filled with joy. God bless!

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