‘Cuz praise be…”

My good friend and artistically gifted, Sean Sadler, recently sent me a link to his latest Gospel hymn, which I simply titled, “‘Cuz praise be…” Well, you can guess the rest of the title. Yes, it’s “‘Cuz praise be Jesus Christ!” We celebrate his Glorious Resurrection today, Easter Sunday 2022, and actually we (Catholics and many other Christians) will continue the Easter Season for the following 49 days until Pentecost Sunday, June 5, 2022). Yes, it is true, Jesus is totally alive, for he has risen from death and opened the gates of Heaven, thereby conquering death for all who receive and live out this εὐαγγέλιον (euggelion), this Good News. That would be us.

This is just the beginning of the Easter Season, and therefore, a great moment for a new beginning in our interior life. St. Josemaria like to say that the spiritual life is a continuous new beginning. Let us strive during this Easter time to bring this aspect of the Good News to everyone, even people who don’t know very much about Jesus or Christianity. Almost everyone is attracted to the possibility of a fresh start in life. Why not help people see that what we really want is a new life itself, the life of a child of God, lovingly saved and brought into friendship with Him? It’s an eternal improvement of life, and we’re only at the beginning. ‘Cuz praise be Jesus Christ!

Adapted from original by Dr. Tim Barry

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