Repentance poetry

My good friend, C. James Herrick IV, is a poet as well as a professional civil engineer. He shared one of his poems with me recently, and so it gets passed on to you. It is about the Good Thief, who died next to Jesus, and was promised Paradise the very day of his death (see Luke 39-43). He is one of my very favorite personalities of the Bible because he personifies the message of repentance in the Gospel that we are all called to live. He’s obviously a great saint in Heaven, and perhaps he is the patron saint of “beginning again” with Jesus. This Thanksgiving we have time to be grateful for so much; let us especially thank God for his infinite love and mercy towards us sinners, with the simplicity and spirit of the Repentant Thief!

Repentant Thief

Again, my King, I’ve disappointed

You O wretched man I am!

Grant me anew

A Life I don’t deserve with this great debt

But seek again as I recast my net

Have I betrayed Your Love so easily

While You were crucified to set me free?

Alas! What sorrow now is in my heart

Which now desires from You never part!

My Lord, my God, my King: I cling to You

Remain in me ‘till my whole life is through

And though, with You, I may be crucified

Let me at last see Heaven opened wide

~CJ Herrick IV, 7/6/22. You can follow Mr. Herrick s poetry at:

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