Mary, Mother of Apostles

During the Easter Season the most important emotions are joy and peace. These are reactions Jesus wants us to have because they are the first ones experienced by the Apostles and other disciples on Resurrection Sunday. Jesus came into the Upper Room and said “Pax vobis!” (Peace be with you!) and the disciples “were glad when they saw the Lord.” This is the beginning of the Church, as the Apostles will then be instructed by Jesus as to how they will go forth proclaiming, through the joy of their witness, the truth that Jesus lives and Jesus saves. Interestingly enough, this is the same truth we Christians proclaim today as well. In that sense, nothing has changed; Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, as St. Paul instructs.

What has also never changed is The Blessed Virgin Mary’s role as Mother of God and of us all. Jesus spoke weakly, but very deliberately when he said to John (representing all the Apostles “Behold, your mother.” After Himself, Jesus’ great gift to us is she who is most dear to Him, His own mother. While we often invoke Mary as Queen of Apostles, perhaps Mother of Apostles is more accurate. Mary is queen because she is mother, of God, and of each and every Christian (actually everyone else as well). Let’s invoke her and treat her as Mother. The maternal bonds between the Apostles and Mary extend to you and me. The month of May in Easter time is a great time to celebrate this fact of joy and peace!

Mary and the saints… Quite a family!

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